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Leon's amazing story

"I started Wave Therapy to help relive the pain of a herniated disk in my lower back, but I was very pleased to see it also raised the Nitric Oxide levels in my body! Months before I had even heard about Wave Therapy, I had read a book in my doctor’s waiting room about the many cardiovascular benefits of increasing your Nitric Oxide levels (The Nitric Oxide Solution by Nathan Bryan, PHD and Janet Zand, OMD). I had tried to increase my Nitric Oxide levels through the foods and exercises recommended in the book, I even purchased some Nitric Oxide test strips to keep track of any changes, but the tests showed little to no increase. My N.O. levels were depleted. Everyone’s Nitric Oxide levels start to decrease around 40 years of age. After a few weeks of Wave therapy sessions I checked my Nitric Oxide levels and I was amazed to see my N.O. levels had increased! I recommend Wave Therapy to everyone, even if it’s just to get the benefits of increased Nitric Oxide levels."

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Alan, Chandler AZ

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Peggy, Phoenix AZ

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"I’ve had about 6 sessions in the Wave Therapy room and have a testimonial to share. I am 62 years old and have had aches and pains, particularly in my lower back when I do hard physical labor for years. A couple days ago I had to do the annual landscape cleanup which requires lots of bending and lifting. I expected to wake up the next day with lots of pain. To my surprise I had hardly any pain at all. In the past my back has hurt so bad following hard labor I have had trouble straightening up. I can only attribute this lack of pain and stiffness to the Wave treatments. I am amazed!"

Gary, Glendale AZ

"When my friend, Jeanette, told me about Wave Therapy and how much it was helping her husband, I was skeptical but willing to give it a try.

Dealing with inflammation and circulation issues is the main reason I am going to wave therapy.  I’ve dealt with these issues for about 15 years so I’m not expecting to have recovery over night.  But I am encouraged by the progress thus far.

One thing I want to point out that is thrilling to me is the effect Wave Therapy has had on my skin.  I had a dark purple/black bruise on my arm (the kind older people get) that usually takes two or three weeks to go away.  After two treatments, it was virtually gone.

Then, I was hiking and took a small fall resulting in scrapes, blood blisters and bruising.  In four treatments (as you can see) the area is almost fully healed.  I also have the horrid age (sun) spots that we get at a certain age and they too are fading significantly.  Wave Therapy is going to replace my dermatologist.  

Thanks to you and your husband for providing

this wonderful treatment at such an affordable price."