Does insurance pay for Medsonix™ Wave Therapy?

Not yet. However, the cost of a Medsonix™ therapy treatment is about the same as a typical co-payment. It is perceivable that as awareness increases as to effectiveness of Medsonix™ treatments, insurance companies and/or Medicare, Medicaid may actually require Medsonix™ treatments prior to scheduling certain surgeries. Efforts are underway to promote Medsonix™ treatments to insurance companies. We believe Medsonix™ is a viable step in lowering health care cost. We welcome all assistance and contacts to further this endeavor.

Are there any negative side effects?

No. In over ten years of clinical use, there have been no reports of any negative side effect.

Is there anyone who should not use Medsonix™ Wave Therapy?

Our Medsonix™ therapy is safe for everyone, including pets! There are no known contra-indicators to treatment.

What if I have a pacemaker or other device implanted in my body or I'm on medication. Is it safe for me?

Yes. Medsonix™ therapy does not interfere with any medical devices and does not impact the effects of medication. In fact, there have been numerous instances of individuals having dosages reduced after having had a Medsonix™ treatment. It's safe for your electronic devices, too, so feel free to bring your phone, tablet, or computer with you!

Can the volume of the Medsonix™ Wave Therapy tone be harmful?

No. In order to conduct university studies Medsonix™ was required to retain an independent audiologist to measure the decibel levels generated by a Medsonix™ Therapy System. Results confirmed decibel and frequency levels that Medsonix™ utilizes are not harmful to humans. Most people find it more pleasant to listen to music or an audio book or podcast during treatment, so feel free to bring your favorite listening device.