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We'll be operating by appointment only, no more than 2 clients per session. All high touch surfaces will be cleaned prior to your appointment. We ask that all clients wear face coverings.

Whether you're looking to improve your overall health, seeking pain relief, or a safe way to treat symptoms of an illness, we can help. Relax and enjoy a unique, personal experience in wellness and pain relief without drugs or side effects.

Wave Therapy is right for you if:

*You have chronic pain or suffer from  a disease or disorder

Acoustic wave pressure therapy is a powerful method for treating pain. Chronic inflammation is the cause of much pain, to which the billion dollar anti-inflammatory drug industry can attest. Our therapy works to reduce inflammation and increase circulation to reduce pain without drugs. A variety of symptoms of illness respond well to wave pressure therapy (see below).

Cheerful Seniors
*You workout, play a sport, or are an athlete

Whether you're an elite athlete or enjoy exercise, Wave Therapy helps by:

  • Decreasing inflammation to help you recover faster

  • Boosting NO levels for peak oxygenation

  • Improving endurance and speed

  • Improving VO2 Max

  • Improving anaerobic threshold

Kettlebell Workout

Wave Therapy is right for you if:

*You want to improve your overall health

Wave Therapy provides many health benefits:

  • Increase blood flow and mobility

  • Decrease inflammation

  • Increase Nitric Oxide production

  • Enhance cellular health

  • Strengthen lymphatic system

  • Improve arterial elasticity

  • Improve nervous system function

  • Relax muscle tension

Back Pain

Who Can Benefit from Medsonix™ Wave Therapy?

From those with compromised health to elite athletes, acoustic pressure therapy can help.

Conditions That Benefit from Wave Therapy

If you have been diagnosed or afflicted by a major health disorder, medical intervention should always be the first course of action. Those who have followed a prescribed course of medical treatment and are still suffering from related symptoms often seek alternative treatment therapy as a way to deal with symptoms, pain, and discomfort. This can be especially true for disease victims who have not been helped by traditional medical treatment or are now dealing with latent symptoms, often over a number of years. Medsonix low frequency sound technology has shown positive results for treating symptoms of health disorders and diseases. While not being a cure for disease, the Medsonix Therapy System has demonstrated relief of symptoms related to circulation problems, pain, and inflammation.

Arthritis                     Chronic Pain                          Fibromyalgia               Migraine              Poor Circulation

Bruises                          Diabetic Neuropathy            Headaches                  MS                       Sports Injury

Bursitis                          Drop Foot                               Inflammation              Neuropathy        Tendonitis

Carpal Tunnel              Edema                                     Lupus                           Numbness          Vasculitis

Chronic Fatigue        Erectile Dysfunction         Lyme Disease         PVD                  Wounds

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: The information contained herein is provided for general information purposes only. It is not intended as medical advice.  Your physician should be consulted before pursuing any course of treatment. Registration with the FDA is not a testament of evaluation and/or endorsement by the same.


How we discovered Medsonix™ Wave Therapy and why we've made it our family's mission to help others.

Ron's Spinal Fusion 2015.jpg

Ron after his third spinal fusion, 2015

"After having lived through an adventurous childhood, high school and college football, and degenerative disc disease, I'd been living with chronic pain for more than 25 years. I've had three spinal fusions and all the pain therapies known to man, including intensive physical therapy, cortisone injections, epidural steroid injections, acupuncture, nerve root blocks, and opioids. Some gave me temporary relief, some didn't work at all. I began to think I was destined to cope by taking a variety of pharmaceuticals like Lyrica, Gabapentin, Hydrocodone, Soma, and Oxycontin, and large doses of Ibuprofin. These damaged my stomach and intestinal system and left me feeling depressed and hopeless. At that point, it was suggested I try Acoustic Wave Pressure Therapy. Without any expectation of relief at all, I tried yet another new therapy, and my life changed.

After the first week of treatment with acoustic pressure therapy, I began to notice a difference. It wasn't dramatic, but I could tell that something was happening. I went back for several more treatments, and the pain that was my everyday experience began to dissipate. The range of motion in my neck improved. I could actually turn my head without pain! My lower back pain began to decrease, and I could put my pants on, tie my shoes, and lay in bed without the burning pain that had always accompanied those activities. My gate changed so that I was walking easier. Friends and family noticed my mood had elevated and I began to act more like my old self. I was a believer. My family made the decision to purchase a machine for my own use. Quickly, I realized I couldn't keep this technology to myself, and Wave Health and Pain Therapy was born.

I've come such a long way. I no longer require any other pain treatments. I no longer take any medication for pain stronger that Tylenol. And although the damage done to my spinal cord still limits my mobility a bit, I can live with that. I'm no longer burdened with the severe pain that was my normal for so many years. In my mind, that's nothing short of a miracle."


Ron tells his story

Ron's mom, Jenine, is one tough cookie. She's a three time cancer survivor and one of the most vital, energetic 82 year olds you'll ever meet. It wasn't always that way. After living through a double mastectomy, cancer struck twice more in her mouth. After the last cancer diagnosis, she was given 3 months to live. The ravages of extensive surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation left her saliva glands destroyed, the tissue in her mouth white and necrotic, her circulation extremely poor. She was unable to eat solid food. After Ron's encouragement, she tried Wave Therapy. Today, because her saliva glands have improved, she's able to supplement her diet of Ensure with soups and moist solid foods. Because of the improvement in her circulation, she no longer requires a special phlebotomist or ultrasound in order to have her blood drawn. She's healthy, pain free, and cancer free. Her life is busy with activities like tournament bridge, dancing, and spending time with family, but she never misses her weekends at Wave Health and Pain Therapy. Two 90 minute sessions a week keep her living life she wants to live.

Ron's B-day 1.JPG

Ron and his mom, Jenine,

three time cancer survivor

Jenine tells her story

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